CT is contributing to the future of sustainable aviation in the CETACEO project led by Airbus Defence & Space.

CT, in collaboration with Airbus Defence & Space and other key industry partners, announces the launch of the CETACEO project, an ambitious programme aimed at revolutionising the aviation industry through the development of net-zero emissions transport aircraft. This project seeks not only to address current environmental challenges but also to position the industry at the forefront of sustainable technology.

The main goal of the CETACEO project is the development and implementation of advanced knowledge and techniques for the design and manufacture of net-zero emissions aircraft. Specific objectives include:

  • Developing new methods based on Artificial Intelligence techniques for the automation of design and optimisation of aerostructures.
  • Advancements in thermoplastic materials and their manufacturing processes to enable cleaner propulsion systems.
  • Research into new aerostructures to significantly reduce aircraft weight through topological optimisation and additive manufacturing.
  • Developing heat exchanger systems based on additive manufacturing models and optimising system performance using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Innovation in efficiency and sustainability

The CETACEO project focuses on the aerodynamic and structural optimisation of aircraft. This initiative will not only improve the efficiency of air operations but also minimise their environmental impact. By utilising artificial intelligence and integrating new materials and manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, CT and its partners are setting a new standard in aircraft manufacturing.

Strategic partnership

Airbus Defence & Space leads the CETACEO project, with CT as one of the main collaborators. Alongside them, companies such as CESA, AERTEC, FAGOR, and KEROX are part of this consortium, working together to overcome the technological challenges associated with the transition to net-zero emissions aircraft. This project not only underscores CT’s commitment to innovation and sustainability but also demonstrates the potential of cross-sector collaboration to achieve significant advances in aeronautical technology.

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