CT supervises the detailed engineering of the Ventus Wind Farm, in El Salvador for Vestas Eólica

Wind Farm, Vestas

Our teams supervised the detailed engineering, executed by a third party, of the Ventus Wind Farm, located in El Salvador. Several CT teams specialising in the different fields required in the wind farm and the feed-in substation participated in the reviews:

  • Architecture and civil works: structure, foundations and enclosure of the substation building, access roads, drainage studies, switchgear foundations, conduits and ditches, etc.
  • Electrical-Mechanical Engineering: Cables, high and medium voltage equipment, equipment structures, power transformer, reactive compensation equipment, auxiliary services, outdoor and indoor lighting, etc.
  • Protection and Control: Single-line and developed diagrams, communications, interconnections, etc.
  • Studies: Coordination studies for isolation, short circuit, selectivity of protections, earths, etc.

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