Cutting-edge technology and composite materials for one of the world’s most ambitious projects: the Haramain High Speed Railway to Mecca

Since 2012, we have collaborated with Talgo on what is probably the most demanding technological challenge in railway history to date: to provide a fleet of high-speed trains, capable of operating at 300 km/h in the most inhospitable environment on earth.

We have been actively involved in the engineering and interior design of the Haramain High Speed Railway project, which today connects the cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

With 10 cars per composition, the 35 compositions that make up the ambitious project required special know-how and optimal adaptation to the severe climatic conditions that characterise the 450-kilometre route, such as temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, or sand and dust in the air.

On the basis of the exterior design, our team developed the interior mechanical design and made the necessary modifications in accordance with factory standards. We have used all our capabilities for basic and detailed engineering for the design of interior panels made of fibreglass composite material, design of roof structures, design and calculation of luggage racks and luggage compartments, design of end walls, etc., applying the latest technologies applied in this sector.

Following Talgo’s design guidelines and requirements, we are in charge of the complete design and industrialisation of all the interior composite components, as well as the design of all the supports, the coach interfaces, the feasibility of assembly and the technical documentation of the aforementioned parts. We also work hand in hand with the Talgo team in the deployment of all modifications derived from the coach manufacturing and assembly process.


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