Engineering and interior design for the world’s lightest high-speed train.

Talgo Avril interior. Source: Talgo

CT has participated actively in the engineering and interior design of the next generation of Spanish high-speed trains –AVE-, known as Talgo Avril. A high-capacity, high-speed train that not only transports the largest number of passengers in each service, but also allows for faster loading and unloading and is fully configurable.

But while transporting more than 600 passengers at 330 km/h is the Talgo Avril’s main advantage, it’s not its only one: it’s the lightest very-high-speed train in the world, which has posed a real challenge for both Talgo and our team.

At CT, we’ve put all of our capabilities for basic and detailed engineering for the design of interior panels, ceiling structures, design and calculation of luggage racks and storage, design of front panels, etc., applying the latest technologies in this sector.

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