Optimizing tank design for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

In the competitive and regulatory-compliant landscape of industrial tank manufacturing, Tankeros faced a significant challenge. The existing calculations for their tank models were scattered across various files, each handled by different analysts over the years. This fragmentation made adapting to regulatory changes and material upgrades complicated and inefficient. Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, Tankeros taped CT to revamp their tank design and calculation processes.

Unified tank calculations

The primary goal of this collaboration was to recalculate the designs of Tankeros’ entire tank portfolio. By using the latest engineering standards, specifically Eurocode, CT aimed to standardize calculation methodologies across all models. This approach not only ensured compliance with current regulations but also optimized material usage to enhance cost-efficiency.

CT employed Finite Element (FE) models for specific requirements, challenging the conservative boundaries of traditional analytical methods. This innovative approach allowed for more precise and efficient designs, reducing material excess while maintaining structural integrity.

Developing an automated reporting tool

The second phase of the project focused on improving the after-sales service through the development of an automated reporting tool. This tool is able to generate detailed calculation reports for each tank model instantly. This capability significantly streamlines the documentation process, enabling Tankeros to offer their clients the best possible quality-price ratio.

Client benefits and long-term impact

The collaboration with Tankeros has brought substantial benefits:

  • Regulatory and material adaptability: The new calculation tool enables Tankeros to swiftly adjust to changes in material qualities or regulatory requirements, ensuring continuous compliance and operational flexibility.
  • Cost efficiency: Optimized material utilization results in cost savings, which Tankeros can pass on to their clients, thereby improving their market competitiveness.
  • Enhanced after-sales service: The automated report tool elevates the quality of after-sales service Tankeros offers.

This partnership demonstrates how strategic collaborations and technological advancements can address industry challenges, leading to improved efficiency, compliance, and client satisfaction. As Tankeros continues to innovate and expand, CT remains a trusted partner, dedicated to supporting their growth and success in the evolving landscape of industrial engineering.

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