CT will present 5.0 solutions for collaborative naval defense missions at Navalia 2024.

CT will be back at Navalia, this time with two distinct spaces, to showcase its catalogue of digital solutions, as well as its role as an integrator of 5.0 technologies with interoperability software solutions for collaborative missions in the defense sector. Among its digital solutions, visitors will have the chance to discover more about life cycle management and integrated logistics support, or about power electronics products in the naval sector.


16 May 2024

CT will be back to participate in Navalia, which will open its doors from 21 to 23 May in Vigo. This year, the company is enhancing its presence by showcasing its range of solutions across two separate stands, H130 and F12.

“Navalia is a key fair for us, not just for its significance in the sector but also as it offers a unique chance to engage with partners, customers, and suppliers. It also allows us to showcase our capabilities and expand our insights into the latest business trends and strategies”, states Jose Evelio Jiménez, country manager for Spain.

Interoperability, crucial for collaborative mission training

This year, CT is highlighting its capability to interoperate several simulators in real-time, facilitating interaction within the same virtual environment using diverse 5.0 technologies.

At stand H130, visitors will experience a use case for a collaborative mission, featuring two interconnected simulators—an attack jet and a Mistral system—carrying out a combined exercise in a single simulation scenario. The simulation experience is developed within a mixed reality environment, where interacting with physical controls impacts the virtual surroundings, visible through Virtual Reality goggles by Varjo, a brand distributed by CT.

With this demonstration, CT aims to underscore the value of integrating and communicating between different platforms, providing clients with a comprehensive service by selecting top technology providers based on each project’s needs.

Applied engineering solutions based on Industry 5.0 for the naval sector.

At stand F12, CT’s international team will present their cutting-edge engineering and digital transformation solutions, covering the entire lifecycle of a ship from initial design to operational deployment and subsequent predictive maintenance, employing artificial intelligence tools.  With a special focus on applied engineering, particularly integrated logistic support, the company boasts over 500,000 hours of experience.

Visitors can learn first-hand about CT’s customised ILS services, tailored to the needs of each client, from naval forces and major shipbuilding companies to small manufacturers involved in the supply chain.

Furthermore, CT sees this international event as an opportunity to promote the model change brought about application of the S-Series and the enabling technologies of Industry 5.0, as well as the paradigm shift from ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) to IPS (Integrated Product Support).

Stand F12 will also act as a showcase for Axter CT, a group company specialising in the development of power electronics and battery storage systems for electric generation and distribution systems, and hybrid and/or electric propulsion systems.

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