Aesthetics and safety in the engineering for a luxury cruise ship.

Evrima yacht. Source Ritz Carlton

The luxury mini-cruise ship sector is booming, one of the most outstanding examples being the Evrima, constructed at the Barreras Shipyard in Vigo for Ritz Carlton.

CT took part in the engineering for this vessel designing collapsible, telescopic handrails in swimming pool zones and rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIBs), despite the difficulties in keeping with the aesthetics of a luxury yacht while at the same time complying with a passenger ship´s safety requirements.

A technical team from the offices at Narón (A Coruña) was based at the shipyard during construction, to give technical support during the assembly of the engine room, providing in situ solutions to guarantee the required quality and to comply with the works deadlines.

This is Ritz Carlton’s first cruise ship featuring these characteristics, which will enable the company to embark on a new and exclusive line of business.

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