CT is leading the European R+D project CLAH2RENH3CE to revolutionize aviation with zero emissions.

CT is leading the ambitious European R+D project CLAH2RENH3CE, a consortium formed alongside SOFITEC, INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY SL, and Edair Technologies, dedicated to developing an innovative hydrogen and ammonia storage and distribution system for aircraft. This project aims to integrate advanced solutions such as additive manufacturing and the use of composite materials in out-of-autoclave processes, in collaboration with prestigious institutions such as CATEC, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Seville, and CTA.

The system, designed from both a functional and structural perspective, primarily aims to achieve aviation with zero carbon emissions in the short term, directly addressing the urgent need for environmental sustainability in the sector. The consortium will also focus its efforts on analyzing continuous mixed combustion and studying all elements of the propulsion system, using cryo-compressed hydrogen and liquid ammonia.

In addition, work is underway on the development of a functional model that includes fuel fluid tanks and their connections, which will allow the proposed solutions to be implemented and validated directly in an aircraft. This comprehensive approach will facilitate the exploration of creative and innovative options, reinforcing CT’s leadership in advancing towards a greener and more sustainable aeronautical industry.

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